Fact #2

If you’re a teenager, sleeping < 4 hrs/day will “help” you increase the danger of suspending paranoia more 75% than the others that sleep 7-8 hrs/day.

Retro Girl (retrogirl2001)


90s Grunge Style

Dancing in my heels



Who would’ve guessed 90’s fashion would make a comeback so soon. We’re wearing the things we swore we’d never wear again – cropped tops, ripped jeans, denim jackets, backpacks, plaid flannel shirts, fur-trimmed jackets, Birkenstocks and overalls to name just a few.

I’m not sure exactly how 90’s grunge this outfit really is but it’s as close as I’m going to get to it. It’s also just an excuse to reminisce about the wonderful decade I grew up in. Technology was simple back then! Long gone are the days of audio cassettes, VHS, floppy disks and fax machines (remember those). If you’re a 90’s kid, you’ll remember using an HB pencil to unjam or rewind your Backstreet Boys tapes before putting it back into your walkman; watching Rugrats, Power Rangers and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; and collecting Leonardo DiCaprio posters. Ah those really were the good ol’ days.


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Scout Picture of the Week


A year ago yesterday, I found Scout in the middle of Compromise Street in Pigspittle.  Her eyes were infected, she was wet, and meowing like crazy.  I took her home.  A couple of months later, when she weighed enough, the vet removed her eyes.  They were just too far gone to save.  But she bounced back like a trooper.  A friend of mine gave her the name Scout, after To Kill a Mockingbird‘s Miss Jean Louise Finch.  She is the center of our universe.

Scoutie today. Scoutie today.

The day I met Scout. The day I met Scout.

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We eat: Lunch at Blanchette, Soho

Dancing in my heels

IMGP5644During Saroeuth’s visit to London recently, we discovered this new gem in Soho. Blanchette is a French bistro filled with character and super delicious dishes. This relatively new and affordable restaurant opened its London doors just 7 month ago. If you love French cuisine, and you’re open to the idea of old dishes with a new twist, then Blanchette and it’s cool ambience is worth a visit.


While wondering around Soho, we spotted this super charming restaurant that felt like the perfect place to sit down and catch up and it was. The food was absolutely divine and the staff was very friendly. We were even treated to roses with our starters from our wonderful waitress.IMGP5750IMGP5735


We had some mixed olives as a starter.


The olives were followed by a green bean salad with foie gras, shallots and walnut dressing.


We also had the brillat-savarin salad with grilled peach, red endive, honey and poppyseed. The peach worked really well with endive.


We then had the…

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